Legal agreements and personal rights

Terms and Conditions of use service.

Seacon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) operates a website service called, this website is a service of news information/services or articles to service users under the following terms and conditions.

whereby all internet service users are aware that your use of various services on this website constitutes your agreement and acceptance of the company's terms and conditions in all respects and you acknowledge that this company's website, it is only an intermediate for providing information to service users only.

1. Intellectual Property

You agree and accept that all information, text, images, sounds, logos, and/or any part of this website including but not limited to copyrights, trade mark, service marks, trade names, databases, trade secrets, patents, know-how, etc. appear on this website the work is protected by intellectual property laws which are the ownership, copyright, rights and property of this company.

You agree and acknowledge understand that the company's website is only an intermediate for disseminating news/services or articles to service users only. In case of any legal disputes, you agree to waive any claims of action whether civil or criminal against the company and/or company director.

2. Service

You agree and accept that you shall only use this website for your own personal or legitimate purposes under these terms and conditions specified on this website only and shall not use this website for commercial or other benefits that are against the law and good morals of the people. In addition, you agree that you shall not do any of the following actions.

A) Reproduce, republish, modify, download, upload, post, publish or make publicly available as mentioned above all of them including the use of illegal or immoral actions without advance written permission from the company.

B) Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property as required by law in any way.

C) Downloading, uploading, posting or taking any action to seek unlawful profits from any content or text from this website without in advance written consent of the company and posting topics or making appearances of text that cause damage to the company internet service member and/or third parties.

D) Upload, post, e-mail or do any other action that causes a disturbance or interfere with the operation of the computer system by transmitting viruses or computer program in any form designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the operation of the computer system or computer hardware or software program in the communications of members of the company or internet users or third parties.

E) Use computer software programs to obstruct interfere with the operation or provide services of the company or computers and/or computer systems of third parties such as using Trojan horse software programs, viruses in the form of types of time bombs (Time Bombs) etc.

F) Do any actions are contrary to the announcements or policies of the company specified in these Terms and conditions and/or amendments to the terms and conditions that the company shall announce or designate later.

If the company knows that you have taken any action that is contrary to the terms and conditions set forth on this website the company can immediately take legal action against you as the company deems appropriate.

3. Disclaimer on Website Content

Text, drawings or any information on the website is collected from various sources for information knowledge and benefits to service users company has made every effort to collect information to be accurate and modern (updated) always. However, the company does not guarantee the reliability accuracy and modern information of such information you agree and accept that the company controls all information on the website to be an intermediate for providing news information/services or articles to internet users only.

4. Dispute Resolution Policy

You acknowledge that the implementation of various content services on this website is automatically processed by a computer which is beyond the control of the directors and executives of the company so cannot verify all content, images or text. Therefore, in order to settle various disputes that may arise from the services provided on this website of company. If the service user encounters problems or damages from any message, content or service including infringement of rights and any intellectual property rights appearing on the website of that company the company has the policy to resolve various disputes as the following details.

(1) The injured person must file a requirement in writing clearly to employees of the company at the address below by specifying the details as follows;
(A) Name, residential address that can be contacted.
(B) Telephone number/e-mail address that can be contacted.
(C) Details of complaints and/or evidence regarding illegal actions (if any).
(D) Suggestion or recommendation or requests that the company needs to take action.

(2) You must carry out inform a requirement and/or suggestions by contacting us at E-mail:

Which the company has received a requirement the company shall contact the relevant person and notify the managing director or the person assigned by the company such problems shall be resolved within 15 days from the date that you have notified the requirement to the company in writing which must contain the contents as mentioned by the company above.

While during such operation you agree not to litigate or waive your right to litigates, whether civil and/or criminal against the company because the company needs time to check and investigate further facts.

5. Additional edited

The company reserves the right to amend, change, add or cut off any terms and conditions listed on this website without prior notice.

6. Law enforcement

If any dispute arises from the company's services arising from this website service user and the company agrees to apply Thai law to settle disputes in your use of this website it is an agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this website and the use of the service after the amendment of the terms and conditions of this website of the company in the future, this means that you accept the terms and conditions of the company's website as amended additional such.

Privacy policy and use of cookies

The company is well aware of how much you value your personal information and the company is pleased that you are interested in using the services of our affiliates, the company would like to inform you about the personal data protection policy of customers or visitors as follows:

This privacy policy covers products and the services of the company's affiliates including websites, social media or other channels in the future.

This is because the company has a policy to continuously develop and improve its services. Therefore, this privacy policy maybe amended or changed details from time to time. We recommend you review this policy periodically that you can understand the latest information privacy protection policy.

Service user acknowledges that by using the website you are deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to comply with this privacy policy and future amendments to this website.

Article 1 Collection of personal data

We want our information and services to be pleasant and relevant to your needs. Therefore, we have to collect some of your personal information when you have an inquiry with the company or data we are required to store may include these data.

  • Full Name
  • Residential address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Details you are interested

Including other personal information as necessary, the information must be accurate, complete and not misleading collecting this information allows us to know your preferences, product difference and services that you shall receive in addition to other service users and more information you provide us, we can provide services that meet your needs.

Article 2 Purpose of use of personal information and disclosure

The primary purpose of our company in collecting personal information is to provide each user with our services product and good service from us efficiently in this regard, you agree and consent that we can use your personal information to contact, inquire or send all or part of your personal information to our affiliates or business partners via electronic media for marketing to maximize the benefits to users without having to inform in advance to the service user.

However, your information shall be collected and kept very well, we may use your data or send it to a third-party. Including related companies or affiliates for the benefit of you and some of the business as follows;

  1. To support the delivery of services, advertisements, products, privileges and marketing activities that meet your needs through personal channels that you have consented to our company.
  2. To research and analyze the user experience of the website, application and social media so that you can use it continuously and match the behavior of the users.
  3. To personalize offers, advertisements, privileges and various marketing activities or content that interests you which we may deliver via various means such as website, email, in-site notifications, social media, or other means in the future.
  4. To contact users for services and take care of users or for authorized marketing communications based on the communication channels that you have consented to the company.
  5. To carry out purposes and legal.
  6. To protect property rights or the safety of us or those of our service users.

Article 3 Change of personal information or deletion of personal information

You have the right to have your information corrected, in case your personal information is incorrect including the right to make information incomplete than complete it by providing additional information.

You have the right to have your data deleted from us, where the personal data is no longer necessary in connection with the purposes for which they are collected or processed or in case you withdraw your consent where the processing is unlawful.

Article 4 Cookies, pixel and IP address

In addition to personal information, we may collect certain information through technologies such as cookies, pixels, IP addresses, and the storage of users' browsers and devices, including third-party data collection tools such as providers marketing or analytics services collect information using this type of technology directly on the website cookies are small text data files that collect information on the user's computer, mobile phone or other devices, cookies let us

know about your favorite services or products and services out of your interest, pixels are small images that are part of the code on web pages, which performs various functions for example, it allows other servers to measure visits to websites and applications and is often used to link cookies by code.

That will be tracked when a pixel is downloaded to indicate which monitor or part of the monitor the user is connected to.

With the function of cookies, the pixel will enable the company to remember users who have visited our websites and applications, know the number and purpose of the users of the website and application and help us provide information services, improve your browsing experience on websites and applications, improve service quality and offer services, privileges, products, events or advertisements that match your behavior and interest for you.

You have the right to set cookies you may modify your browser to refuse the collection of cookies. If you want to refuse the collection of all cookies, you may not be able to receive information about new products, services and privileges and your connection to some websites may not be effective in linking third-party devices through articles on the website and other channels affiliates of the company to help enhance the experience of accessing websites, applications or other channels of Thai Rath from time to time, we may link information to social media with third-party tools such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, when you view articles within websites, applications or other channels company.

Article 5 Privacy policy changes

We may modify this privacy policy at any time by posting the modification on our website, use of the website, application or other channels of the company constitutes acceptance of the terms of the personal data protection policy version and your continued use of the service after the announcement of the modified revision shall also be deemed acceptance of each revision.

Article 6 Company contact information

If you want to know more about editing/deleting/usage problems and personal safety, do not be afraid to contact us at