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BEAVERMAN, a platform to search high quality construction contractors with more than 1,000 contractors selected by a team of professionals from various fields ready to receive renovated Houses, Condominium, Town houses and structural work, interior decoration, as well as all kinds of quality inspections to meet the needs of customers who are looking for contractors and companies to accept standard home renovations at a fair price every step can be inspected by a professional, do not worries! ready to be confident that you will receive quality work according to the employment agreement as 100% agreed.

More confidence, start a free home renovation consultation, search a renovation contractor at BEAVERMAN.

  • Design work

    Design work

    To make the renovation work and construction work change the picture dreams can become reality, requires design that is correct, matching with the principles of architecture and engineering. BEAVERMAN comes with experts to assist you, design every desired area accurately according to standard suitable for every lifestyle in every area.

  • Construction work

    Construction work

    Whether it's getting a renovated townhouse or residence area, construction work is an important job because it is a job related to foundation work and structure. Therefore, it must be well planned to work out come with quality.

  • Renovation work

    Renovation work

    BEAVERMAN comes with renovation service a bedroom restroom, kitchen and all types of living spaces for help the building come back to life and help more cost savings in the future the results that come out are close to rebuilding.

  • Decoration


    Decoration or renovating a condominium is a job that Beautify, it is designed to help supplement enhance the appearance of the structure to make it look beautiful live more together with the utility by taking into account to material, form, proportion and color is important.

System workflow

BEAVERMAN is a platform more than 1,000 handpicked construction contractors from a comprehensive professional team, a new service from Seacon affiliates a leader in home building business more than 61 years.

Whether it's design work, construction work, decoration work or home and residential renovation work in all areas, BEAVERMAN is ready to serve all customers with an online system, giving you access 24 hours a day, no matter where you are, just get started with these simple steps.

  • 01

    Specify construction details

    such as needs, budgets, on-site readiness, permission requests, etc.

  • 02

    Select contractor profiles that are interested in your work

    Customers choose to view profiles of interested contractors.

  • 03

    Select a contractor from name list of interests

    The customer selects the profile of the contractor who is interested in the work.

  • 04

    Schedule appointments with selected contractors

    The customer sets an appointment date with the selected contractor to survey work site.

  • 05

    Work site survey details

    Specify details on the work site, limitations, and list of construction works after the survey.

  • 06

    Contractor quotations

    The contractor will offer you the best prices to choose.

  • 07

    Construction contract

    Confidently sign construction contracts.

  • 08

    Follow up on the work of contractors

    Start tracking every step of contractor work via Mobile App.

  • 09

    Rate the contractor's work.

    After the work is completed rate the contractor, feedback how they do.

All done! Construction work and renovating all areas

Do not worries about construction work and home renovations, the budget does not increase, the contractor leaves unfinished work.

  • Convenient, comfortable and easy to use

    Whether it's a renovation work in any part of the house, such as getting a restroom renovation or any construction work is easy, free home renovation consultation.

  • Free bidding online

    There are choices for customers to compare qualifications, experience and prices of standard contractors and fair price.

  • Standard construction contract to prevent problems

    There are more than 800 contractors and home renovation companies which have a quality inspection system from a professional team.

  • An application to track every step of construction work

    There is a system to track work status in every step, wherever you are can track the location at any time.

  • Professional engineers to assist throughout the construction period

    Professional engineers are available to advise you and take care of you like having a consultant by your side throughout the construction.

BEAVERMAN Free home renovation consultation!

Although not all new construction but the renovation comes with many details to consider in order to get the work according to the design correct according to standards and can actually be used homeowners must consider from the correct design along with considering construction principles then consider the beauty of each area.

But would it be better? If homeowners can save time ready to control every part of the budget appropriately but also received a standardized renovation work that matched the desired design.

BEAVERMAN comes with a contractor that offers home renovation services and every residential area by real renovation experts all about design, construction and decoration that meets the needs in one place.

With a professional team screening more than 1,000 contractors and home renovation companies, be confident!No work abandonment, no budget increase comes with transparency in every step and a thorough quality inspection service before delivery.

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